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Marketingmanager sprint
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Marketingmanager sprint package

All benefits, features and connectors at a glance.

Marketingmanager BIM module

Automate rule-compliant output of IFC files.

ConfiMerce Shop sprint package

Combine both sprint packages into one efficient e-commerce solution.

PIM check

Do the PIM check

There are many reasons for introducing a PIM system. But which of them are relevant for your company? Do the PIM check and learn if you meet the criteria for the PIM introduction, what these criteria are and what offerings we have in store for you.

The PIM system

Marketingmanager simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing by allowing you to supply all marketing channels from a centralized data basis.


We would be happy to advise you in detail regarding our individual options and show you in our demo how you can automate data workflows.

Service offerings

Our offerings will take you step by step to your individual PIM solution and will deepen your PIM knowledge. Become your very own PIM expert, because a PIM system really isn’t rocket science.