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PIM service

Training seminars, services and workshops

The introduction of a PIM system isn’t rocket science. Our offerings will take you step by step to your individual PIM solution and will deepen your PIM knowledge. Become your very own PIM expert in order to get the greatest productivity out of your system


Extension workshop

The extension workshop is directed at companies that have already introduced Marketingmanager. How can the system be extended? What effort is required to implement extensions? A workshop for evaluating the status quo and extensions.

Focus topics:

  • Joint analysis of the status quo
  • Evaluation of extension requests and presentation of the possibilities
  • Prioritization, implementation timelines and cost framework
Orientation workshop

What requirements must be met within a company for the introduction of a PIM system to offer genuine added value? What are the goals associated with a PIM system? This workshop is directed at medium-sized companies that would like to invest in a PIM system.

Focus topics:

  • Opportunities and benefits of a PIM system
  • Expectations toward a PIM system and realistic objectives
  • Requirements for the infrastructure in order to introduce a PIM system
  • Best practice: Development of an efficient procedure for the introduction of a customized PIM system


Implementation service

The implementation service offers all activities for setting up your customized PIM/DAM system within the company.  The services are included in the sprint packages. The status quo is identified in collaboration, your focus topics are determined and the system is set up within one month in accordance with the analysis results.


  • Task planning of the team members
  • Introductory workshop with the project team
  • Setting up the infrastructure
  • Analyzing requirements, defining processes and setting up workflows
  • Setting up data views in Marketingmanager based on focus topics
Extension service

Thanks to script capability, Marketingmanager can be independently extended anytime. If you lack the expertise, we can offer you comprehensive services in connection with system extension. These can include partial services as well as complete project implementation.


  • Individual development services
  • Individual development of plugins and connectors
  • Implementation of extensions
Training seminars
DAM training seminars

The DAM training seminar is directed at administrators who wish to independently change or expand the web-based DAM system. Focus topics can be compiled individually.

Focus topics:

  • Functions and possibilities of the DAM system
  • Configuration options for external users
  • How to make adjustments to the UI
Marketingmanager training seminars

This training seminar is directed at Marketingmanager administrators who wish to implement system extensions independently. Focus topics can be compiled individually.

Focus topics:

  • Folder monitoring and feature definitions
  • Setting up import channels
  • Definition of assignment rules
  • Managing tasks/actions
  • UI extensions
  • Setting up workflows
  • Setting up export channels
  • Managing users
The PIM system

Marketingmanager simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing by allowing you to supply all marketing channels from a centralized data basis


We would be happy to advise you in detail regarding our individual options and show you in our demo how you can automate data workflows.


Marketingmanager offers a variety of functional extensions and plugins in the field of data processing and data output. Get to know the extensions.