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Extensions for Marketingmanager

Setting up additional workflows

The PIM system Marketingmanager adjusts to the growing needs of the company and offers additional functional blocks and plugins in the areas of data processing and data output.

Marketingmanager connectors

New: BIM module for IFC data export

Automate rule-compliant output of IFC files

The BIM Module for Marketingmanager automates the creation of IFC files from your central data basis. In addition to classifications and geometric data, the Marketingmanager issues the associated graphic textures bundled as required.

Additional modules

NEW – PDF-Reworker

Editing of existing PDF documents for automated production


CMS/E-commerce connection (e.g. B. Shopware) via custom XML or JSON

Office Document Creation

COM interface for Office* programs (labels, price lists, etc.)

* Windows only


HTML5/XML: document creation in HTML5, xml, Postscript, LaTex and automated PDF generation, Template Engine

Active Directory

Active Directory (user login via LDAP / Secure LDAP)

Windows Server, Kerberos


Available as a stand-alone or server version, the InBetween ENTRY Creative Plus line allows you to work creatively in Adobe InDesign®, combining editorial and automated content and finishing professionally.

Showpad module

Connector to the Content Enablement Platform “Showpad”

CMS plugins

CMS plugins (e.g. for Typo3, Drupal)

Web-based DAM system

DAM system* for the automatic and target group-appropriate dissemination of product information.

*Included in the sprint package for manufacturers.

The PIM system

Marketingmanager simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing by allowing you to supply all marketing channels from a centralized data basis.


We would be happy to advise you in detail regarding our individual options and show you in our demo how you can automate data workflows.

Service offerings

Our offerings will take you step by step to your individual PIM solution and will deepen your PIM knowledge. Become your very own PIM expert, because a PIM system really isn’t rocket science.