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Included services from the sprint package
The 31-day timeline

The Marketingmanager sprint package banks on collaboration between yourself and our PIM team. In order to achieve the 31-day target and simultaneously hand over to you the PIM system for your everyday work, the joint project team will work according to the predefined timeline.

Your resources will be tied up for one month exactly.

First week

Tasks: Veeuze
  • Workshop on site

  • Recording the requirements

  • Analysis

  • Summary of results

  • Task planning

Tasks: Customer
  • Workshop on site

  • Set-up of remote access by the IT department

  • Server/database preparation

  • Master data export preparation

  • Task planning

Second week

  • Remote installation of MM

  • Set-up of your data model

  • Data import configuration

  • Start: Generating the set of rules and data views

  • Capturing additional data sources

  • Structuring media files, if needed

Third week

  • Linking media files

  • Connecting documents

  • Generating a set of rules, if required

  • Generating data views

  • Manufacturers: DAM preparation

  • Retailers: Configuration of individual entry masks

  • Capturing documents

  • Completing data, if needed

Fourth week

  • Manufacturers: DAM set up

  • Retailers: Setting up the work flow for the data import, configuration of the output module

  • Transfer of product data

  • Final system test

  • Completing media data

  • Tests: Marketingmanager

  • System start

The PIM system

Marketingmanager simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing by allowing you to supply all marketing channels from a centralized data basis.


We would be happy to advise you in detail regarding our individual options and show you in our demo how you can automate data workflows

Service offerings

Our offerings will take you step by step to your individual PIM solution and will deepen your PIM knowledge. Become your very own PIM expert, because a PIM system really isn’t rocket science.