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Marketingmanager Enterprise version

Integrate external data sources intelligently
  • Integrate external data in real time

  • Automated data consolidation

  • Continuous secure data communication

  • Flexible division of the central data basis

Faster to market with error-free product information

Less effort for more output. The Marketingmanager Enterprise version enables the intelligent and secure integration of product information from any number of external data sources.

Whether as a marketplace provider, a trading company with extensive product ranges or a manufacturer with D2C strategies: The Marketingmanager Enterprise version ensures consistent data quality of all product information and automates the distribution of external data into the desired marketing channels.

Collect, check and automatically integrate external data in real time

Our new MM Bridge module performs the task of a small upstream marketing manager system, which analyzes the external data and adapts it as required. It evaluates the content of the data for each external connection and automatically enriches the data – if necessary – according to predefined rules and property assignments. The MM Bridge module reliably cleans data duplicates or incorrectly entered values and thus ensures consistent data quality.

According to the predefined rules, the product information is integrated into the central data basis in a structured way. The output channels then ensure the automatic and always up-to-date distribution of the product information. Each external data connection provides maximum security with its own end-to-end encryption.

Flexible division of the central data basis

The Marketingmanager Enterprise version allows you to set up multiple workspaces in one Marketingmanager system. The flexible division of the central database simplifies the organisation of company-wide data workflows in work areas, product categories, markets, responsibilities, etc.

Users can log in to a Marketing Manager client across the network and access the enabled workspaces. The LDAP module included in the Enterprise version provides, among other things, for automatic user authentication.

Marketingmanager connectors

Service offerings

Our offerings will take you step by step to your individual PIM solution and will deepen your PIM knowledge. Become your very own PIM expert.


We would be happy to advise you in detail regarding our individual options and show you in our demo how you can automate data workflows.


Marketingmanager offers a variety of functional modules and plugins in the field of data processing and data output. Get to know the modules.