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One package, one price, one month

Version manufacturer: Included services
  • All services are inclusive and result in your centralized data basis in just 31 days.

  • Clear objectives with exactly defined working steps will save you time and resources during introduction.

  • Your resources will be tied up for a month exactly.

Marketingmanager sprint package for manufacturer

The PIM system
  • Full PIM/DAM system

  • Article-related, multilingual management of all product and media data

  • Company-wide overview, control and distribution of all linked product information

  • Target search based on content, date of creation and according to individual criteria

  • Multi-user system for the company-wide data access including user privileges

  • Workflow management including versioning

  • Integrated image processing functions

  • Automated publishing/dissemination of product and media data

  • Multilingual and native clients for Windows and MAC OSX

The sprint package
Extra benefits and services
  • Connector for transmission to the DAM system

  • Web-based dissemination of product information and media data to sales, customers, agencies, media, etc.

  • Customized workflows including data reconciliation from the ERP system

  • Adjustment of the user interface to the CI

  • Introductory workshop with a requirements analysis, determination of the workflows and task planning of the team members

  • Implementation service: System installation and training on the job

  • Follow-up workshop: Tracking of the results and clarification of needs for adjustment and extensions

Benefits for manufacturer

Act more quickly in the market

On average, employees spend up to 20% of their work time searching and gathering information. The objective of our Marketingmanager sprint package is the quick introduction of your PIM/DAM system, which automates the most important data workflows in your company and eliminates known productivity killers.

Based on the sprint packages, the Marketingmanager can be developed in many directions. After the system start, the additional workflows can be introduced step by step with great efficiency and without negatively impacting your daily productivity.

Build a centralized knowledge database

Time-consuming data searches, duplicate data processing, missing data overviews and manually compiled marketing materials delay market entry and increase costs in marketing and sales.

Marketingmanager simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing by allowing you to supply all marketing channels from a centralized data basis. Support your sales department with continuously updated information and sales materials.

Accelerate marketing workflows

Automatic approval processes, time-controlled data distribution: Marketingmanager can help relieve your employees of many everyday marketing tasks. In this respect, the web-based DAM system serves as a distribution station for your marketing-relevant product information to customers and other external partners.

The DAM system automatically synchronizes with the PIM system whenever product information is added, modified or deleted. The linked data are automatically integrated into the workflow and adjust to the modified data structure. Error-free data consistency made simple.



Automated content creation and updates

Data sheets, labels, price lists, web pages, online stores: Marketingmanager simplifies and automates content creation and updates from the centralized data basis. Predefined rules ensure zero-defect production. For example, if an article is locked or modified, all documents and information linked with the data are automatically locked or modified as well.

Direct control of all image files

Marketingmanager converts each image file on the fly to another format, to various image resolutions or to another color mode. Employees can directly respond to customer inquiries and distribute the requested imagery.

Marketingmanager ensures that only approved image files in their latest version can be processed. The system automatically reconciles those image files that are labeled with image rights.


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It takes a mere 31 days to get your individual PIM system, with clear objectives and defined working steps. Please request more information regarding the exact timeline.

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