Marketingmanager sprint

One package, one price, one month

Your efficient data hub in 31 days: The innovative PIM package for medium-sized companies simplifies and automates your data-supported marketing. From one centralized data basis, you supply all marketing channels with the latest product information at all times.

A selection of Marketingmanager connectors

Bundled offer: Manufacturers

With Marketingmanager sprint, you build a centralized data basis and automatically provide your channels with the latest product information, which enables you to act more quickly in the market.

The MM sprint packages

Adjusted to the workflows of manufacturers and retailers, we have versioned our sprint packages. Both versions offer an all-round service for the introduction of your PIM system.

Bundled offer: Retailers

With Marketingmanager sprint, you combine various product data of different manufacturers in a single system, automate the data workflow and accelerate your time to market.

Still not sure? Do the PIM check.

There are enough reasons for introducing a company-wide PIM/DAM solution. But when does a PIM solution become efficient? Do the PIM check and learn if you meet the criteria for the PIM introduction, what these criteria are and what offerings we have in store for you.

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